10 Places to Visit by Motorhome in Finland


Do you love basking in saunas, driving across open spaces, exploring pristine waters and thick forests, visiting historic sites? Finland is your destination, and the best way to experience the inspirational majesty of this Scandinavian country is by Touring Car. Here are ten fabulous Finnish places to visit by motorhome.

  1. Olavinlinna Castle, Savonlinna

One of the best preserved medieval castles in all of Europe, Olavinlinna was founded in 1475; today it is a popular tourist attraction that you can reach by Touring Car.

  1. Kuopio Sauna

The Finns are known for their love of saunas. The largest public sauna in the world Kuopio is heated traditionally with pine wood smoke. Enjoy the savusauna (smoke sauna) and take a dip in the lake afterwards. You will sleep well in your Touring Car afterwards.

  1. Sammallahdenmäki

Dating back to the Scandinavian Bronze Age, this Unesco World Heritage burial site for thirty-six granite cairns, is more than 3,000 years old. The drive to this site from Helsinki no more than four hours in a motorhome.

  1. Vuojoki Manor

Travel the haunted alley that leads to Vuojoki Manor in Eurajoki. The mansion is a gorgeous example of the empire-building period. Take a guided tour, walk the grounds, and retire to the comfort of your Touring car.

  1. Tenontie

You are in a comfortable Touring Car, and you have the Tenontie Road in front of you. Enjoy the most scenic drive in all of Finland. The inspirational and panoramic views are unforgettable.

  1. Lemmenjoki River and Lemmenjoki National Park

Located north of Ivalo, in Lappland, the pristine scenery in 2,850 square kilometers of national park will amaze you. Stock up on supplies in Ivalo so you can spend several days soaking up the wonder that is Lemmenjoki.

  1. Kummakivi / Strange Rock

Kummakivi will amaze you when you drive out to the forest to see it. Legend says that long ago, giant trolls heaved these huge boulders into the air. Kummakivi (“strange rock”) landed on the boulder below it. How else can you explain this balancing act?

  1. Other Rock Formations

Finland is well known for its Tafoni – perfectly round holes found in rocks. You can drive to see the best specimens at Karhunpesäkivi in Inari and at Pirenpesä in Nokia. Listen carefully; you will hear screaming as the wind blows through the cavities.

  1. Askola

Just a few hours’ drive from Helsinki, you will discover a remarkable sight caused by erosion from wind and pebbles, or from glaciers. The rocks contain smoothly drilled holes. Called “giant’s kettles,” you find some of the best examples in Askola, a municipality in Finland’s eastern region. Head northwest to Rovaniemi for even more giant’s kettles.

Driving Finland in a motorhome is a guaranteed and leisurely way for you to take in vistas and attractions that you might not otherwise see. The incredible sights of Finland await you and your Touring Car vacation.



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