Why You’ll Love Touring the Icelandic Westfjords in a Motorhome


Just a little more than a five hour drive from Reykjavík lies enchantment that most tourists to Iceland never visit: the Westfjords. If you love dramatic scenery, pristine views, natural beauty, and you want to experience a variety of activities, the Westfjords is your motorhome travel experience.

And what better way to explore an area so rich with beauty and history, than from your Touring Car? You have the luxury of creating your own travel itinerary based on your interests. Driving the Westfjords is not like driving on fast, paved roads. This trip is for those with the patience to take their time on gravel roads. You’ll want to take your time anyway, so that you can marvel at the incredible scenery, take plenty of pictures, and find those perfect motorhome stops.

After all, who doesn’t want to fall asleep looking out the window at the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in the winter and the midnight sun in the summer, to dream about the next day’s activities?

Camping Spots

Dynhandi offers basic camping services. This is a great place to stay because you’ll also be near the incredible Dynhandi waterfall. Motorhome camping is a practical and pleasant experience in Westfjords. You do not have to reserve camping spots in advance; you can also camp almost anywhere if it’s just for one night.

Gorgeous Scenery

There’s more to see in the Westfjords than the ever-changing sky, and your Touring Car provides you the freedom to stay or go as you desire. View the beautiful fjord of Geirþjófsfjörður as you ponder its history and the Gísla saga of the outlaw who lived there with his family.

Then leave the black or grey sands of Iceland for everyone else to enjoy. You have the red sands of Rauðasandur Beach. Braced by black cliffs and rock on one side, and deep blue ocean on the other, these copper sands are magnificent.

Natural Pools

Most people associate southern Iceland with geothermal pools, but there are plenty of small, out of the ordinary and out of the way pools here in the Westfjords. It’s easy to find yourself camping next to one of these amazing spots.



The Westfjords are an isolated area of Iceland, but there is plenty to do if your taking in inspirational views isn’t enough. You can schedule yourself for horseback riding, kayaking, whale watching, and golfing. In addition, there are museums (check out the Sorcery & Witchcraft Museum in Hólmavík and the Heritage Museum in Ísafjörður); cafes, pubs and restaurants; and you can take some time to learn about elves, trolls and other beings that hide from you.

Best of all, your motorhome is your vehicle and hotel room, so you have a handy place to stash souvenirs. Robert Frost alluded to the ideals of motorhome travel in the Westfjords when he wrote of the diverging roads, “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Touring the roads in Westfjords will make all the difference in your motorhome vacation as well.




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