4 Reasons Why Finland Must Be Your First Motorhome Vacation


You have decided that this will be the summer of your epic road trip in Scandinavia. You plan to rent a Touring Car and enjoy the freedom and comfort it will afford you as you make your journey and create the memories of a lifetime. Are you still trying to decide which country should be your first Touring Car vacation? Make it Finland!

  1. The Roads

Finland has more than 78,000 kilometers of roads, and this includes highways, paved roads, and gravel roads. While you won’t be taking your Touring Car on gravel roads, there are plenty of perfectly excellent roads upon which to drive. Finland takes great care of their highways and roads, making your driving experience one of quality.

As you drive the roads and highways in Finland, you’ll notice two things. The first is that the highway signs are often in two languages – Swedish and Finnish. In the southern region, Swedish is on top of the sign, and in the north, Finnish is on top. The second thing you’ll notice is that the roads are nearly empty, compared to other European destinations.

Well-made roads with little traffic will give you tremendous driving practice if you are not already accustomed to driving a motorhome. In addition to the road quality, you’ll easily find fuel for your journey. There are over two thousand petrol stations in Finland. You’re never too far from filling up.  Be aware, however, that if you journey from Rovaniemi to Ivalo, you will find only two stations between the cities. There is one caveat, however, about driving in Finland: this country has income-based fines for traffic violations.

  1. Beautiful scenery

You will find incredibly beautiful scenery in Finland. This country is dense with waterways, lakes, and forests.  Many travelers to Finland agree that this country has the biggest sky; you will be surrounded by sky wherever you go. What better way to enjoy the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, and polar nights? This land of the midnight sun will leave you plenty of time to enjoy each day to the fullest. Even the cities in Finland are clean.

  1. Welcoming people

Don’t know anyone in Finland? That’s okay. The Finns are some of the most welcoming people you’ll meet. You’ll meet friendly and courteous people most everywhere you travel, but don’t expect much in the way of small talk. Do expect self-deprecating humor and sincerity. As a whole, Finns are largely unhurried and calm, and they will appreciate your genuineness.

  1. Finland is safe

One of the safest countries in all of Europe, you can expect low crime levels, a high standard of health care (most medical professionals speak English), clean tap water for drinking, excellent hygiene. You will find very little corruption in Finland. In addition, Finland requires that you carry the following in your Touring Car: reflective jackets (should you need to leave your vehicle in the dark), a warning triangle (for parking on or near the shoulder).

A Touring Car vacation in Scandinavia can be one of the best adventures you’ll ever make!


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