Cost Cutting Tips For Cooking in Your Motorhome


One of the many benefits of touring the world in a family sized motorhome is saving money by dining in. With many of the same cooking tools used at home, and ample room to sit and eat, your motorhome becomes a home on wheels. To make the most of this cost cutting perk, take advantage of these five tips:

  1. Cook Some Meals Ahead of Time – To maximize your time at enjoying the sights, have plans in place for your meals. If you have the time before you move into your rented motorhome, make batches of soups and sauces that freeze nicely. This way when the day’s adventures run a little late, a home cooked meal is still possible in just a few minutes.
  1. Have a Menu Plan – Be flexible with your dining plans, but do map out a general idea of what meals you will be having on which days. This not only takes away the headache of trying to figure out what’s for dinner, it helps with your pre-shopping. Knowing what you will be cooking in advance will ensure that you have all of the ingredients on hand when you need them.
  1. Store Your Meats Marinated – Instead of filling up your limited storage spaces with bottles of dressings, store your meats in plastic bags along with the marinades. Not only does this save space, it will save you time in preparing dinner.
  1. Grill When Possible – Northern Europe is host to hundreds of beautiful camping grounds where you can park your motorhome during your trip. Take advantage of these times by taking the cooking outside to the open air grill. This will save you money on gas costs and give you the chance to please your family with some different flavors.
  1. Cook Locally Grown Vegetables – You can buy fresh vegetables as you travel, instead of risking spoilage during your trip. Northern and Western Europe grow favorites like carrots and cauliflower in abundance all year round, plus potatoes, cabbages and even tomatoes. Adding a local flair to your dishes will only enhance your travels.
  1. Have a Restaurant Budget – There are of course going to be times when you do want to indulge in the local flavors of the places you are visiting. To help control over spending, have a special account set aside just for these occasions. Don’t waste that money on take-out food you can get at home, rather use it sparingly for when a local cuisine stands out as something your palate has to try.
  1. Don’t Forget Breakfast and Lunch – Keep the motorhome cupboards full of easy to make foods like oatmeal or farina, cereals, sandwich fixings and protein rich snack bars. This will make it just as convenient to eat lunch inside of the motorhome as it would be to pull over at a roadside food stand.

One last bit of advice for when traveling with your family in a motorhome is to have activities like cards and board games readily available for long drives. Kids in particular tend to eat more when bored, causing you to go through your food stocks faster than you had planned on.

Your motorhome meals need not be extravagant, as you want to enjoy the holiday from your day to day life. If planned properly in advance, you can enjoy the cost saving benefit of your mobile kitchen, without it cutting into your sight seeing time.


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