Lights On, Part One: Six National Tourist Routes to Drive in Norway


Your Touring Car is road-ready and waiting for the destinations of your choice. Here are six incredible drives to take in Norway.  Our first six choices for your driving destinations have you exploring the southernmost part of Norway.

Turn on the vehicle’s lights (one of Norway’s driving requirements) and let’s go!

  1. Jæren National Tourist Route

This lowland road stretching twenty-five miles will have you enjoying an area known as the food basket due to the agriculture and fishing industries located here. Situated between Ogna and Bore, the Jæren National Tourist Route will lead you along beautiful beaches where you can relax on sandy beaches. Stops along the way to make include the Kvassheim Lighthouse and the Orre Recreation Center, where you’ll find plenty of outdoor fun.

  1. Ryfylke National Tourist Route

Villages and towns dot the 113-mile long tourist route that extends along sheltered fjords. Be sure to stop at Ropeid, the ferry landing, and Svandalsfossen, where there is a parking lot in which to leave your motor home while exploring the falls. You also can stop to visit old mines and melting plants, walk across the unique Høse Bridge, hike to Pulpit Rock, visit the Årdal Old Church built in the 1600s, and simple be inspired by the beauty of the fjords. Museums and shopping opportunities await you as well.

  1. Hardangervidda National Tourist Route

Be sure to map your travel to include the most panoramic spot in the forty miles that make up this route: the Vøringsfossen Waterfall, which plunges 475 feet to the river below. The Hardangervidda Park surrounding this attraction is home to Europe’s largest population of wild reindeer.

  1. Hardanger National Tourist Route

Are you looking for the motor home experience that combines it all? The Hardanger National Tourist Route juxtaposes dramatic views with gentle moorlands. In only 98 miles of highway, you’ll see everything: mountains, glaciers, hills, glass-smooth inlets and waterfalls. This route especially attracts outdoor adventurists and artists alike. There are places to swim and fish. Stop at the Hereiane rest stop for incredible views across the fjord, the Steinstøberget rest stop for fishing and grilling spots, and the rest area at Hesthamar for orchards and great hiking trails.

  1. Valdresflye National Tourist Route

In the Valdresflye National Tourist Route, you’ll drive along 30 miles of farmland. Take time to visit the Rjupa and Vargbakkane rest areas located at opposite sides of the mountain pass. The two areas offer stellar viewing platforms of the mountain pass itself and surrounding area. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking and fishing along this route.

  1. Aurlandsfjellet National Tourist Route

For 29 miles across this highway, you’ll likely be driving your Touring Car past snow. That’s because “The Snow Road,” as it’s known, runs across an elevation of almost 4300 feet. Be sure to stop at the Stegastein Viewpoint (just do it!), and you’ll find service facilities at Flotane, and a parking area at Vedahaugane.

These six national tourist routes will have you ready for more travels ahead. Specific maps of each are available from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA).








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