Lights On, Part Two: Six More National Tourist Routes to Drive in Norway


Are your motor home’s lights still on? (Norway requires headlights to be turned on for driving.)  Are you yearning to continue your motor home vacation in Norway? Here are six more national tourist routes to try.

  1. Gaularfjellet National Tourist Route

This national tourist route consisting of 80 miles will take you to St. Olaf’s Church, which is a stave church from the late 1800s. The drive will also allow you to take in a museum, an arboretum, and learn rose painting in the Viksdal style. Be sure to stop at Likholefossen, where you’ll find a parking lot, rest area and delightful footbridge for a quick hike around the river path.

  1. Sognefjellet National Tourist Route

The Sognefjellet National Tourist Route contains 67 miles of record-setting sites. You’ll be driving on the highest elevation in all of Northern Europe. Along this journey, you can see the highest mountain in Norway, the biggest glacier, and travel along the Songnefjord, which is the second longest fjord in the world. You’ll find plenty of rest stops along the way, and should you decide to extend your stay, there are opportunities galore for kayaking and skiing.

  1. Old Strynefjell Mountain Road

Drive on one of the oldest roads in Norway. This 16-mile stretch was engineered over 100 years ago, and you can still drive it for some of the best views anywhere.  Stop at either of the rest stops along the way to peer down into the Styrn Valley. This road closes in the winter.

  1. Rondane National Tourist Route

If you enjoy getting off the well-travelled path, the Rondane National Tourist Route

is for you. This route in eastern Norway is 45 miles long and takes you to the Rondane National Park.  Although this route is relatively short, you’ll want to stop your Touring Car to take advantage of the breaks provided by several well-placed rest areas along the way.  Great hiking opportunities abound, and you’ll have magnificent views.

  1. Geiranger – Trollstigen National Tourist Route

Now that you know how easy it really is to drive a Touring Car, and you have some practice under your belt, you’re ready to take on the 65 miles of the Geiranger – Trollstigen National Tourist Route. This road has been a popular tourist attraction since 1936, and once you drive it, you’ll see why.  With its steep incline and eleven hairpin turns, the road is thrust among incredible mountains.  There are many rest areas along the way on this route, and each has a viewing platform. Be sure to take a driving break at Trollstigplatået for incredible views.

  1. The Atlantic Road

Only four miles in length, the coastline Atlantic Road will carry you over the Hustadvika on a flowing ribbon of a bridge.  This exciting bridge affords excellent views in good weather, and will still carry you safely in poor weather. To see the raw power of the Hustadvika as it pounds the shoreline is an awesome experience. Although this is a short route, there are four rest areas. Take in the sites and do a little fishing!

These six national tourist routes will have you ready for more travels ahead. Specific maps of each are available from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA).



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