Magical Aland Islands – Ideal Destination for Motorhome Holidays


Exploring the Magical Aland Islands From a Motorhome

In the Baltic Sea, midway between Finland and Sweden, is a cluster of islands calling out to be explored from your rented motorhome. One main island surrounded by over 6,000 smaller ones, you may say that this is the Caribbean of the north. Historic sceneries and the beautiful nature of the archipelago make the Aland islands an ideal holiday destination.

Aland is unique in a number of ways. Officially a part of Finland, the primary language is Swedish. The islands also have their own parliament and acts as a nation in practice in devolved policy areas. More importantly for motorhome travelers, its landscape is practically unspoiled making for a beautiful setting to explore.

Motorhome Campsites on the Aland Islands

The Finnish islands have a number of campsites available for motorhome travelers where serene settings set the stage for your entire visit. Many are located close to the water, allowing for swimming, boating and fishing right in your motorhome’s backyard.

With a quiet spot to call home, you are free to hop the various Aland Islands and explore the unique beauty that each one offers.

Sites on the Aland Islands

The capital city of the Aland Islands – Mariehamm – is a small shipping town with great history. Although this is the main port for the islands and the only city, it still has a small town feel where you can see firsthand the many fishing boats traveling in and out of the archipelago.

There are also eight smaller islands in that area which can be reached by ferry, each containing a unique history and landscape to explore. A medieval abbey is waiting to be explored on Kokaris, while a large castle from the 16th century stands proud on Kastelholm. Nearby is also the ruins of an ancient fortress from the days when the island needed protection from foreign lands.

Sports on the Aland Islands

Two of the most popular golf courses in the Nordic countries lie right next to the Kastelholm Castle. There are two distinct 18 hole courses, one overlooking the sea while the other gives you and up close view of the ancient castle.

Kayaking the waters between the islands is another popular sport to partake in. Enthusiasts can use this method to travel to and from the islands, and explore those that are uninhabited. Of course larger boating activities abound as well as fishing both from the shores and on the water.

Getting to, and Travelling Around the Aland Islands

If you are concerned about driving your rented motorhome to a multiple island retreat, don’t be. There are a number of large ferry lines that travel both from Finland and Sweden to the islands. Once you depart at Mariehamm, there are bridges between the larger islands and smaller ferry’s or boats for short travel. There will be times when you will be leaving your rented motorhome at your campsite home while you take to the waters and explore the smaller islands. Rented bikes will help you traverse those small town roads and allow you to take in that surreal feeling of warping back in time.

When considering what your next rented motorhome vacation should look like. Picture a northern island paradise complete with picturesque villages, medieval ancestry and waterside campsites where you can park your motorhome and lay out the welcome mat.


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