Tips That Will Turn Your Motorhome Vacation into an Adventure


Traveling to new parts of the world is exciting, but it can also be restricting. Especially if you have plenty of time to explore a country further. Going by traveling by motorhome allows you to see more of a region, stay longer where you want, and take off when you are ready to move on. If planned right, you can use that time in the motorhome to make your vacation into an exciting adventure.

Make Your Plans in Advance

Although it does seem romantic to get behind the wheel of a motorhome and see where the road takes you, there should be a basic plan in place. Do a little studying of the region you are visiting and pick key places that you have to visit. From there you can devise a flexible schedule of how you can fit all of those attractions into your time frame.

Use Maps and GPS

When you are planning your routes, do so with detailed road maps that show mileage indicators. These will help you estimate times it gets from locale to locale so that you can plan accordingly. Don’t forget to account for pit stops along the way, to eat, stretch and even just take in the scenery. If you are not stopping to take in a gorgeous view because of a time restraint, you are not having a motorhome adventure.

Take the Roads Less Traveled

Except when a big city is part of your travel plans, avoid driving your rented motorhome through them. Not only does this help you avoid frustrating traffic, you get to enjoy more scenic driving. The landscape of northern Europe is stunning, and something you don’t want to miss by choosing major highways to travel on.

Drive Less, See More

Your driving per day should be no more than 6 hours as much as possible. Anything more than that and you are missing out on many adventures. Being inside of a motorhome for too long will make your trip seem more like a job, rather than an adventure.

Be Spontaneous

Yes, you made a detailed plan, but a part of that plan was to be flexible. If that unexpected lake looks too good to pass up, stop and take a dip. Or maybe there is a festival that caught your attention that you didn’t know about when planning the trip. Stop and enjoy it, because adventures like this don’t come along very often.

Travel in the Mornings

Make it your goal to do the majority of the driving in the morning, before it gets too hot and traffic gets heavy. Plus, your mind is clear from a good night’s sleep making you ready to get going on the next adventure. For sights where you know you will be spending a good part of the day, break up your driving to arrive there the night before. This way you can get inside early before the tourists crowds start to arrive.

The most important part of your motorhome adventure is of course to have fun with it. Seeing northern Europe in this way offers a unique opportunity for you to stop and smell the flowers, jump in a lake or gasp at a scenic view whenever the spirit moves you to.


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