Top 5 Beaches in Sweden Worth Their Weight in Sand


When you are planning your motorhome excursion through Sweden it’s likely that you are thinking about brightly colored buildings bedecking quaint towns, glimpses into a medieval past and visits to royal castles. What tourists forget is that this is a land surrounded by the sea, with scenic beaches to prove that.

Sudersands Beach

For the motorhome traveler, Sudersands offers the perfect seaside retreat. Found on the Gotland Islands, off of the southern coast of Sweden, Sudersands Beach caters to everyone with its beautiful white sands, cool Baltic waters and an array of different activities.

Alongside the waters is an expansive motorhome friendly campground just 100 meters from the beach. Not only will you have easy access to the beach, the campground also features an outdoor pool, playground, tennis court and more. If not for the dozens of other sights to see in Sweden, you are going to have a hard time leaving this tiny piece of paradise.


Langholmsbadet offers a sunny reprieve after days of sightseeing in Stockholm.  This cozy beach is right inside of the capital and features a nature sandy beach before it gives way to the waters. Lawns of luscious green grasses replace the sand, begging for families to enjoy a picnic lunch.

Swimming is encouraged in the crystal clean still waters of Langholmsbadet or lie back on the grass and watch the boats meander by. The tranquility will make you forget that you are still in the midst of a vibrant city.

Malmo Ribersborg Beach

If you are looking for a motorhome spot that rivals the beaches of the Caribbean, Ribersborg Beach on the southern tip of Sweden is where you should be setting your sights. Although located right next to the city of Malmo, the meters of white sands and warm aqua blue waters will quickly take your mind to paradise.

The coast is shallow here making it ideal for small children, but there is also an adult only bathhouse if you prefer bathing in the buff. The entire area has become a hot tourist spot, luring in guests from all over the world.

Karlskrona Archipelago

With over 33 different islands to choose from, you should have no problem finding a secluded spot in the Southern Sweden Karlskrona Archipelago. There are well known islands with made for tourists beaches such as Utlangan or Stenshamn, or you and your family can board a boat and find a deserted island for yourselves.

More than a popular beach area, the waters surrounding the islands are full of sailboats and fishing yachts for those who would rather be on the water than in it. Just keep your eyes peeled for the schools of dolphin circling the islands.

Skutberget Beach

Your rented motorhome will find this gem on the north shore of Lake Vanern. Like the above mentioned Sudersands Beach, there is a family friendly campground just footsteps from the shore. The grounds have a variety of activities including an exercise center, mini golf and boule.

The beach spreads out from a lush forest, ending in the calming waters of Lake Vanern. This surreal setting allows for everything you and your family could want as a part of your motorhome holiday.

The landscape of Sweden is diverse, taking you from rugged hills to seaside settings in just a few kilometers. As you traverse this terrain in your rented motorhome, don’t forget to spend some of your time hugging those impressive shorelines.


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