Top 5 Shocking Sights in Iceland You Don’t Want to Miss


If you are looking for the motorhome adventure that gets you in touch with your natural side, Iceland is the place to roam around in. With mountain views to stop your breath, and crisp clean lakes to sink your toes into, you won’t want to miss a centimeter of this awe inspiring island.

Blue Lagoon

A trip to Blue Lagoon may be one of the most “touristy” stops on your trip, but it should not be missed. Only 45 minutes from Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon is an oversized bath tub in the middle of a mountain landscape. This is a man made attraction that came about from a local geo-thermal plants need to purge excess water. This resulted in a crystal blue lake that is usually covered in a layer of steam. Coming from the earth’s core, the water hovers at 38 degrees, making for a perfect swim on a cold winter day.

Lake Myvatn

The fourth largest lake in Iceland, Lake Myvatn is the result of a volcanic eruption that took place 2,300 years ago. Located in Northern Iceland, the lake is close to the Krafla volcano, which has helped to form the surreal landscape. Make this a daytrip and explore on foot the volcanic craters, steaming fumaroles, and spluttering mudpots that freckle the surrounding terrain. From there, visit Krafla and hike to remote areas where you’ll still encounter steaming hot lava.


Iceland offers unparalleled walks along the Atlantic shore oncreamy white sands being lapped by gentle waves. Watch carefully as small streams of water trickle down the surrounding mountains to join the ocean. Take your adventure a bit further by visiting the nearby Latrabjarg bird cliff. Home to the puffin, the cliff is one of the largest of its kind you will find in the world.


The natural geyser for which all others have been named, this southwestern Iceland natural wonder is an awe inspiring sight to behold. With eruptions of up to 50 meters high, you will get the best view by taking a quick hike up Mt. Laugafell. If you head down to the southern area you will find other bubbling waters that are always active.


Part of the Vatnajokull National Park, Skaftafell is a delightful natural wonder that offers days worth of adventures for a motorhome vacation. Found in the Southern portion of Iceland, Skaftafell’s unique physical appearance comes from the combined efforts of volcanic activity, glaciers, and rivers. Be sure to take in the beauty of Svartifoss waterfall. Column walls of basalt provide a stunning backdrop for this cascade of water which flows from 20 meters high.

The lush landscape and wide open spaces of Iceland, make it the ideal holiday destination for puttering around in a rented motorhome. Keep your plans loose when visiting the lovely island nation, as the stunning sights you run into will inspire you and the family to step outside and bask in the beauty of unbridled nature.


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