Touring the North Coast of Norway


Traveling along the Helgeland Coast of Norway is an experience for the eyes like no other. This enchanting part of Scandinavia is rich in natural wonders. If you are looking for a picturesque route to take with your rented motorhome, this is one that is worth its weight in beauty.

The national tourist route for this area is over 430 meters long and takes you through some of the most tantalizing sites in all of Europe. You start off in Holm and head along the aptly named Coastal Highway. Due to the proximity of the shore and the Gulf Stream it attracts, the climate in this area is markedly milder than other parts of Northern Europe. This makes for a landscape that is lush green and fertile. As you travel along the Coastal Highway you are going to be impressed by the magnificent trees, shrubbery and plant life that frames the ocean just beyond it.


The most powerful maelstrom on the planet is found in the waters south of Bodo. This natural phenomenon occurs every six hours as the tide change. The speed of the water can be as high as 40 kilometers per hour as it rushes through the 3 kilometer long sound.


Tyvsjyen can be found just 30 kilometers south of Bodo, and offers an experience like nowhere else. Here the Stone Age is celebrated and you can go on a journey to catch and cook your own fish dinner the same way our ancient ancestors first did.

The Vega Islands

One of the places you will pass through, and must stop, are the Vega Islands. This UNESCO listed area is rich in both natural and cultural heritage. With traces of human settlements dating back 10,000 years, this is one of the oldest known places that people inhabited in all of Norway.

This group of islands creates a contrasting landscape with its high mountain tops giving way to the sea below. You are only a few meters from the Arctic Circle, with the outline of the magnificent Svartisen Glacier booming in the distance. This is a unique opportunity to see first-hand how for hundreds of years, people of Norway have been forging a living in this remote corner of the world.

The Seven Sisters

As you continue along the Coastal Highway, you will encounter the town of Sandnessjoen, and the seven mountain peaks that dot its horizon. The Seven Sisters are a fantastic place to disembark from your motorhome and stretch out your legs on one of the many marked hiking trails. You will be rewarded with one of the most spectacular views of your lifetime and an up close encounter with a stunning natural waterfall.

All along your travels across the Coastal Highway you will find adventurous opportunities. This breathtaking corner of Northern Europe provides you with the perfect excuse to rent a motorhome and take off for vacation. Without restrictions, you are free to explore this incredible land, stopping when and where you want to make this your own personal journey into a wondrous land full of history and culture.


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