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Have you ever wanted to tour the beautiful, scenic countryside of a nation like Finland? If so, you’re one of many millions of people who decide every year to take such a journey. For most, however, they see Finland on a few-days trip that involves them flying in, renting a hotel, and ultimately only seeing bits and pieces of an otherwise large and lush country. There are other ways to see much more of Finland, as we’ll discuss here, including motorhome rental options and guided tours. No matter which way you ultimately choose for your Finnish vacation, the idea should be to see as much of the country as possible while you’re on your vacation.

 Three Unique Ways to Tour Finland

 1: A Packaged Tour

A packaged tour might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are few better ways to actually explore Finland. Just think about everything a tour offers you. You have your travel and hotel provided for you, and you will be taken around to all the best spots of Finland, so you’re really leaving nothing out. And during the nights, you can experience the places you really want to see, so you’re not always locked into someone else’s itinerary.

2: Hiking

Young college students hiking through Europe seems like a cliché, but many consider it an actual rite of passage. Hiking is extremely popular around this part of the world, and you don’t have to be a young 20-something to experience it. There are countless trails and parks to see, and hiking in this part of the world is actually very safe.

3: A Motorhome Rental Excursion

You might not think so at first, but motorhome rental is actually huge business in Finland. That’s because there’s so much to see there in terms of the countryside; there’s simply no better way to view it all than to take an RV around the nation. Motorhome rental is an affordable option that serves as your transportation and your accommodations for the duration of your journey, so there’s never any question about where it is you’ll be staying.

Whether you choose the motorhome rental option, a packaged tour, or the hiking, you will see Finland in a much different light than if you were to simply fly in and stay for a few days. With a country like Finland, the extra time spent is more than worth it.


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