Why a Touring Car is the Perfect Way to See Finland


You have options when your travel for your vacation, and one option to consider is vacationing by motorhome. Travel to Helsinki, enjoy the city for a few days, and then pick up your Touring Car so you can begin the adventure of a lifetime. You are about to explore the outdoor beauty that is Finland.

Your motorhome vacation is the perfect way for you see what Finland is really like.

Camping in Finland is easy.

You may camp in any reasonable spot in Finland, provided you are a decent distance away from people’s homes, you do not damage property or disturb wildlife.

You won’t find any “no trespassing signs” in Finland, because like in many Scandinavian countries, there is a rule of “every man’s right,” meaning that every man has a public right to enjoy the land.

If you want a more conventional camping experience, there are also almost two hundred campsites available for you to choose from in Finland; each comes with a variety of amenities.

Finland is yours to enjoy.

Go ahead, step out of your Touring Car and explore the area. There’s a lot to see. You may pick berries and mushrooms, and you may fish in any of the rivers and lakes, as long as you leave the endangered species alone. Hunting, however, will require a special permit You are also allowed to bathe or swim in any body of water. National Parks like Nuuksio cut and store firewood for public use. Also, the national parks provide hiking trails for a variety of kills and fitness levels.

Avoid making excessive noise, never take lichen or moss, and don’t cut trees. Ultimately, as long as you respect the land and the people who live there, you can enjoy Finland as your own.

There are plenty of outdoor activities in Finland to keep you busy.

You won’t spend all of your time in your motorhome. Finns love to swim in warm weather and cold, and you can do the same. Take time to bike, hike, canoe, kayak, cross country ski, kite surf, rock climb, geocache – the only limit to outdoor activities is the time you have for your vacation. At the end of a strenuous day, relax in a sauna to melt away the rest of your cares. It’s a Finnish tradition!

Finland is gorgeous.

Whether you like lakes, forests, mountains, or rivers, Finland has your scenery, and it will not disappoint you. The countryside in Finland is dramatically inspirational. You will feel like you are the first person to have ever experienced what you are seeing. The northern lights will mesmerize you as you watch the sky from your Touring Car. The sky of the midnight sun will entertain you with ever-changing light displays. A motorhome vacation is the perfect way to see just how beautiful Finland is.

With its outstanding camping opportunities, open right to enjoyment, and spectacular scenery, Finland is best enjoyed by Touring Car. You have an entire country to explore, and you will be glad you did.


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