Fascinating Reminders of the Ancient Presence of Vikings in Scandinavia


No matter where your motorhome takes you while exploring the Scandinavian landscape, you are likely to run into reminders of the regions Viking laden past. There are dozens of destinations that will pique your curiosity about this turbulent time in history, but the 4 that follow offer a unique picture of what life was like during the age when Vikings reigned.

Fyrkat – Denmark

An ancient Viking fortress found near the small town of Hobro in Denmark, Fyrkat gives an accurate insight into the day to day doings of the Vikings. Reconstructed to replicate how it looked during the year 980, it is believed that the excavated fort was constructed during the reign of Harald Bluetooth, the Danish Viking King.

The ring fort surrounds a small community of 9 houses, none of which seem to have been built with a fireplace. It is believed that the interior buildings were used during the warmer season for making clothing, wool work and practicing archery.

Gamla Uppsala – Sweden

Located only five kilometers north of the small Swedish town of Uppsala, Gamla Uppsala is a royal burial ground dating back to the 3rd century. If you and your motorhome make your way there, stopping by is a must as this is considered to be one of the most important sacred sites in all of Scandinavia. Before Christianity, it was here were pagan sacrificial rites of passage were performed until the 11th century.

A mysterious location whose history is based mostly on lore, Gamla Uppsala has plenty of ancient history to explore and make you wonder. Inside of the grounds are 3 burial mounds from the 5th and 6th centuries. There are also remnants of homes that once housed kings of Sweden and the stone church which was built on top of what was once the pagan temple.

Jelling – Denmark

An archaeological site in Denmark, Jelling marks the home of Gorm the Old, the first of the royal line still ruling Denmark today. In addition to the enormous grave mound where Gorm was laid to rest, tourists are able to see two runic stones that were built during the 10th century depicting the turn away from pagan worship.

Jelling can be found in central Jutland, in the northern region of Denmark. The site is of significant importance to the Danish and Scandinavian history as it is here where the first Christian churches of the region were constructed by Gorm’s son, King Harald.

Lofotr Viking Museum – Norway

An interactive historical experience, the Viking Museum on Norway’s Lofoten islands in the town of Borg features an authentic Viking longhouse. The largest Viking dwelling found to date, it is believed that this massive Viking Chieftain home was abandoned around the year 950.

The house is 83 metres long and has been reconstructed to resemble how it appeared during its glory days. Dine like a Viking in the mead hall and be mesmerized by tales of when the Vikings reigned. If you and your motorhome are passing through northern Norway in the summer you may be able to assist in rowing a Viking ship, learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, or even master axe throwing. This is the ideal location to depart to if you have visions of living like a Viking dancing around your head.

Like a massive Viking battleship from days long gone, your rented motorhome has the ability to help you explore lands like you have never seen them before. Delve into the rich history of all of Scandinavia by driving your way straight to it.


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