Getting Ready for the Open Road in Iceland


A little bit of preparation before heading out on the roads in the vast countryside of Iceland will make your motorhome adventure so much better.

Getting Ready

There is such a thing as being too prepared.

While you may be tempted to stock up on groceries at the local Bonus Supermarket, hold yourself back. Your motorhome refrigerator is adequate, but not the size of your kitchen refrigerator back home.

Groceries. Purchase enough groceries for a few days’ meals, including snacks you enjoy. As you journey, you’ll come across cafes and restaurants you’d like to try. You can always stop at the supermarket again if you need to.

Medical. Do bring along any medications you need and a first aid kit consisting of at least some bandages and antiseptic.

Ask about rentals. You can rent many additional items such as outdoor chairs, raincoats, bed linens and mosquito repellent. This saves you lugging these items from home or having to purchase them.


Mapping vs. Exploring

There are two travel mindsets here.The first group preplans each leg of the journey, including distance, duration and points of interest.  It can be important to know whether you want to explore the Icelandic Golden Circle first or Arkajanes on the west coast. The second group takes off with a vague destination, such as “east,” in mind, and is open to whatever sites and adventures come their way. Both travel plans have merit.

Which ever one is right for your sense of comfort, be sure to establish a few ground rules for your journey:


  • Make regular stops. Stopping every hour to seventy minutes is a great break for stretching your legs, getting some fresh air, letting the kids out to burn off energy, and guaranteeing you’ll take time to notice your surroundings.
  • Observe the rules of the road. Do not drive on a road labeled with an “F.” Never drive on highlands roads.
  • Watch for animal Cattle, horses and sheep wander across the roads; be prepared to stop.
  • Keep on top of weather advisories. The weather changes quickly in Iceland. Rain and wind can appear quickly.


Touring in a motorhome is a great way to vacation in Iceland, but you may be worried about where you can park. Although there is only one place to park in Reykjavík, there are plenty of places to park at campsites all over Iceland, with a per person (500 ISK) and motorhome flat fee (30000 ISK). However, you can park for the night in a variety of places, and there is a free campsite in Gardskagavtiti.

Water In, Water Out

You will need to carry water with you, and you will need a plan to dispose of grey water and wastewater.

  • Potable water. Many petrol stations will permit you to fill your water tank up for free. The water in Iceland is delicious – no worries about taste or contaminants.
  • Grey water disposal. The water from your sink can be disposed of at many petrol stations.
  • Wastewater disposal. Some petrol stations will permit you to dump your wastewater into their containment systems for free; not every station provides this service. Your rental company can advise you on this matter.

These simple tips can have you ready for an amazing and enjoyable motorhome adventure in Iceland.


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