The Pros and Cons of Campervan Rental in Scandinavia


 Millions of people every year pack up their bags and decide to skirt off to Scandinavia to experience the Nordic nations firsthand. Sure, you read a lot about them in books, and see a lot about them on TV, but there’s no experience like an actual up-close-and-personal experience, so many decide to take the journey to see the land for themselves. Of course, setting out to see Scandinavia means actually having to travel quite a bit once you get there. For this, a campervan rental option may really stand out as attractive to you.

If you’ve been thinking about visiting Scandinavia and taking an RV vacation, here are some pros and cons of campervan rental that you might find enlightening.

Positive and Negative Aspects of Renting an RV for a Vacation

The Pros

The first big positive here is the money you’ll save via campervan rental over purchasing. Of course, this means you’ll only have the RV for a few short days, but this is actually another positive as well. You don’t have to worry about storing or cleaning the vehicle. Just drop it off when you’re done.

Another positive is that you don’t have to worry about upkeep. No oil changes. No tire changes. No electrical work or dumping out the septic tank. The campervan rental location does all these things; you just need to turn the key and drive.

It’s also very convenient to rent an RV in Scandinavia that’s already legally registered to the area. You simply get in and go; everything else is already covered.

And when it comes to extra expenses, you won’t have to worry about paying an insurance bill every month. If you choose to get the insurance with the initial rental, that’s all you’re on the hook for.

The Cons

On the negative side, you never actually know what condition the campervan rental is in. Maybe it’s about two kilometers away from a blown gasket or a blown tire. Or maybe the sleeper situation isn’t up to snuff.

Having something you don’t actually own stands out as a negative for many people. Once you get used to the RV and find that your family loves it, you’ll end up just having to turn it back in.

In terms of pros and cons, these lists could have been fleshed out more, but the results would have been the same relative to pros vs. cons. The pros would outweigh the cons at least two to one, and the final verdict is that camper van rental for a Scandinavian excursion is a very good option to exercise.


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